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Local ban.txt bans below
34e247297472bd5bab56ba31bf007c34 ichbin
b48ea2cacc247e73b5fde37eb4f66950 ichbin
76001bb5ac6cac362c13ecfbe611c095 ichbin
4ef466b0dbf9e48850c29c3fde7d30b6 DarkMage
eb6198b645f9c41b978d012773229997 DarkMage
07cfa0bb53e09dc00fbcde06ab393b32 DarkMage
79ac5a1bb75f36b3df23ecbbbb40957d DarkMage
e088db7b5d993638bdf67461d8e401f8 monsun
999ccea9b85402856b11a271177b83f9 monsun
28923f1e4119fc02cd8e5e0e8cd7bc2c salty jr
6d25f08aec6829239731cac092db362c TheHoneyBadger
cdc1568151a9abee5ab7c9d2540a8755 King_Coombes
ea88da76801499bd2ba71f8b2c1b1049 Roach
023a23730143e5001f43d31e37eb86ea OCOK OLOK
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