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Lag like problem

Posted: Fri Apr 15, 2016 1:16 am
by Gen Stranger
tonight I was experiencing a lag like problem
and thought it was my video card
since I have spares I changed the video card and still had the same problem
so I went to the Nvidia web site and got the latest driver for the card
that too didn't help and the lag type jitters was getting worse and worse making it impossible to play.
I though maybe I has a virus or malware so I ran scans for both and came up clean.
I did remember that sound cards can cause all sorts of problems on cod4 I figured what hell try that!
since I use a plug in sound card I took it out and cleaned the contacts and plugged it back in.
I then entered the game and no lag type jitter - I can not believe a sound card would cause that
kind of problem but that is what caused mine on windows 7