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Rules for players in the |iog| Servers

Post by Gen Stranger » Tue Mar 08, 2016 10:51 am

breaking any of these rules will result in a kick or ban from our servers.

1. Gun Fire is permitted only to let others know where you are!
Rule 1 does not apply in any IOG shooting server!
2. Killing with a gun of any type in the Knife Only Servers is not allowed.
3. No nades, rockets , smoke, nade launchers ,c4 ,no explosive items of any sorts allowed. Barrels and cars included.
Rule 3 does not apply in an IOG shooting server!
4. Glitching is allowed in all IOG servers. (if you glitch do not expect not to be killed and do not tell others not to kill you!)
5. Air strikes and helicopters are allowed in all IOG servers.
6. Cursing is allowed in the servers, if that offends you then do not join the servers.
7. Obscene or offensive names are not allowed.
8. Do not be disrespectful or derogatory towards any |iog| member or Guest.
9. Do not tell |iog| how their servers should be run, make your own server and run it as you please.
10. Do not wear the |iog| tag unless you are an |iog| member if you do you will be kicked or banned from all |iog| servers, no warning will be given.
11. Do not advertise squads other then |iog| in our servers
12. Do not advertise web sites other then the |iog| Web site in our servers.
13. Conversations of a sexual nature are NOT allowed in any |iog| server.
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